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unnamedHere are a number of before and after shots of Graci. The hairless one is after a few weeks of patching when the hair was coming back. Susan has more of the awful open wounds on body and feet, as well as the completely bald body and tail with raw , itchy, scabby skin.I re connected with Graci’s Mom, Susan , sometime in August 2014.  Graci had a life long history of horrible skin conditions that Susan vigilantly tried to stay on top of.She pursued every avenue she could find and really went above and beyond to try to help and save this lovely dog.

When we met, Graci was near death with horrible , systemic ,life unnamed1threatening conditions.She was also very lame and sore in her hind quarters ,with no balance.There was nothing else to be done and Susan was preparing to lose Graci.
When we re connected, Susan saw my 17 year old dog covered in patches and asked about them.So, we began to patch in earnest.And, as you can see, something major is happening! We place 1 to 2 sets Ice Wave, 1 to 2 sets Energy and 1 of each, Glutathione, Aeon, Carnosine and sp6 on Graci every other day and have for 3 months now. Her systems are returning to normal, hair is growing back, she has normal foot pads, a good appetite , a joyful attitude and a bouncy stride!

unnamed2Be aware, the journey to health has been traumatic and a learning curve for Susan! We’ve had to consult and unnamed3change protocols regularly. We’ve changed foods, supplements, body work,meds etc, regularly to try to keep up with the healing/ cleansing process . It’s often been 2 steps forward, 1 step back or healing crisis that were really scary. Without support, this wouldn’t have been possible in such an extreme case.

The amazing thing is that these Life Wave unnamed4patches brought Graci back from the brink! The patches gave her body signals to heal itself and unblock the locked down, healing energy. This helps the body return to balance; anything is possible!
The long term use of the patches is huge! And, I’m now encouraging their use in people and animals , as a daily preventative protocol, before there are problems. This , of course , along with a healthy , balanced life style .
The good news is, we have an opportunity here to place this amazing tool in our already gifted toolboxes, and truly heal the planet, one patch at a time!

Let’s pass the word to all we can!
Many blessings, Helena

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Horse LilyLily is the Hanoverian mare that I helped to save with 2 years of work. She is now a lovely riding horse! The Acupuncture patches were the final hoorah for her…


photo 2

Day 1
Bad puncture from wood; unable to walk, level 10 pain!

Bad puncture, excruciating pain, unable to walk, level 10 pain! No pain, completely functional, wound coming to a head.  Immediately after patching there was no pain , subject able to walk and wound is coming to a headSevere swelling, level 10 pain.  


photo 5  Day 3Day 2photo 4
Day 2: No pain, completely functional with no restrictions since patching. Wound coming to a head and beginning to drain.
We are patching daily to enhance healing after this 12 day ordeal.



Day 3:
Foot completely pain free, wound cool and healing!
Keep up the great work!



Day 4:
After dancing for hours on a pain free foot, this 3 inch splinter popped out! Now, all is truly well…



Testimonies – Health Solutions with Helena


helena-bresk-bio-photoHelena Bresk Massage and Pain Relief Specialist

Helena Bresk was born and raised in California. She began to treat animals with bodywork and healing as a pre-teen, and soon progressed to friends and family. She hiked and rode horses in the Carmel Valley as a youth, while learning from, and observing the nature all around her. While a student in Animal Science and Pre-Vet at Cal Poly state university. Helena developed an interest in and passion for, the natural health and healing, of all humans and animals. In the years after graduating, her own health challenges led Helena to believe that a healthy body and mind require balance in all areas; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

With this in mind, Helena’s Massage and Healing techniques include therapies that balance and replenish, Body, Mind and Spirit. She continues to seek ways to assist the body in its abilities to slow down aging, reverse pain, and enhance healing.

When you book a session with Helena Bresk, her 35 plus, years of loving experience, are at your disposal to create a unique, restorative healing session, out of space and time…

Helena Bresk Treatment Specialties

  • – Anti-aging
  • – Pain Relief
  • – Cranio Sacral therapy
  • – Myofascial Release
  • – Neurokinesiological Release
  • – Swedish Massage
  • – Tellington TTouch
  • – Reiki
  • – Chakra Balancing
  • – Energy Healing
  • – Deep Tissue Therapy
  • – Emotional Release
  • – Customized Homeopathic Remedies
  • – Bach Flower Remedies
  • – Muscle Testing



We help people and animals of all ages and species to attain optimal health.

Would you like to age more gracefully?  Do you have aches and pains, or know somebody who does?  Do you animals and family members have ailments and imbalances that only seem to get worse or never seem to really go away?  Would you like help whose only side effects are those of pain relief and bliss?

Helena Bresk, with Health Solutions with Helena has been practicing Natural Health and Healing Bodywork for over 30 years.  She excels at facilitating the graceful return to optimum health or assisting in the passing of a loved one.

Helena loves people and animals of all species and is happy to consult in any situation.  She has a vast network of links to products and people which may be a part of your solution. Helena has many success stories where people and animals made great leaps thumb_helena-bresk-paso-robles-massage2toward a happier live or a peaceful passing.

She works with the balancing of system, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Contact us now to receive relief.  National and International healing available.
Helena Bresk ~ Health Solutions with Helena