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photo 2

Day 1
Bad puncture from wood; unable to walk, level 10 pain!

Bad puncture, excruciating pain, unable to walk, level 10 pain! No pain, completely functional, wound coming to a head.  Immediately after patching there was no pain , subject able to walk and wound is coming to a headSevere swelling, level 10 pain.  


photo 5  Day 3Day 2photo 4
Day 2: No pain, completely functional with no restrictions since patching. Wound coming to a head and beginning to drain.
We are patching daily to enhance healing after this 12 day ordeal.



Day 3:
Foot completely pain free, wound cool and healing!
Keep up the great work!



Day 4:
After dancing for hours on a pain free foot, this 3 inch splinter popped out! Now, all is truly well…



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